Latest updates on Paddlefest and Tournament of Champions

Published : 2018-11-08 08:35:12
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Latest updates on Paddlefest and Tournament of Champions
Here are some clarifications on the tournaments at Lake Havasu the weekend of November 17:

Only if you are eligible for the "Tournament of Champions" sign up as usual on Eventbrite at  

Any angler can participate in the sister Southwest Kayaks series event, but you need to register at Yes, those that qualified for the Lowergear championship can enter the Southwest Kayaks regular series one as well.  There will be separate score cards issued for each.

And one more registration - whether you are entering one or both tournaments, you must sign up for Paddlefest and pay that fee as you will need access to Windsor Beach over the weekend and that's the only way in.  Included in the registration fee for Paddlefest is camping Friday and Saturday night, and eligibility for the poker run for a 2019 Hobie Compass.  Learn more about Paddlefest at https:/

Score cards will be issued only at Windsor Beach starting after noon on Friday, and up until up until launch Saturday morning.  You can then launch anywhere on the lake, but only photos after 7am Saturday can be entered.  You must be back at Windsor with your photos by 2pm.  We suggest getting off the water at least an hour before that if you are away from Windsor to give yourself time to get back by the deadline.

Advice - do not rely on your phone's clock; proximity to cell towers in CA will often shift your clock time to Pacific even when on the AZ side.

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