July 10 - Our night kayak fishing tournament coming up!

Published : 2021-06-07 18:17:39
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July 10 - Our night kayak fishing tournament coming up!
It's time for another free bass fishing tournament from your favorite local kayak shop - July 10th at Roosevelt Lake.  This is our 3rd tournament event this year and based on heavy action for anglers in the first two, it's a sure bet you'll have a good time while taking your shot at glory and cash!  It's a great way to spend a Saturday night so get signed up for free via Eventbrite and make your plans today!

This is our one night-time event of the year, so bring the appropriate light to be legal and safe.  We get started around 5pm and will be out until around 11 - anglers with the longest cumulative length of their top three bass are the winners, and there's more money to be had via the lucrative side pots for big and small fish.  

See all the rules and guidelines and see pics and results from all of the prior events on our tournament event Facebook page.  Expect 75-100 anglers at these events, so it's a great way to meet some new fishing buddies or just see how everyone rigs up their boats - anything that floats qualifies, as long as it's non-motorized.

These are always lots of fun, and a good amount of cash and plaques are in play as well.  Attend 2 events and you are automatically eligible for a drawing for a new Hobie Outback at season's end.  

Call us with any questions - (480) 348-8917

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