It's the Camping Gear Renting Time of Year!

Published : 2019-04-11 21:33:03
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It's the Camping Gear Renting Time of Year!
And we're off!  While we rent to camping customers year round - there's always a warm-enough spot to go camping in our sweet home Arizona - as soon as it starts to thaw our in the East in April is when we kick into overdrive, for about 6 months.  While we nearly always have just one more or sleeping bag available to rent to you at the last minute in this busy season, why wait until that last minute - get your reservation in as soon as your dates and needs are confirmed to ensure best availability.

Like for this customer all boxed up and ready to ship - an Ivy League university that uses our camping gear rental service to house hundreds of visitors from around the world coming in for a retreat near campus.  They have depended on us for many years every April to deliver a half-ton of gear to them 2600 miles away.  So odds are,  if you want to take your family camping at the local state park next weekend, you can depend on us to come through for you as well.  

camping gear rentals ready to ship

We rent the expected tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, etc, but also the unexpected satellite communicators, ice axes, gps units, even a portable shower if you don't want to rough it too much.  Find more than 70 items we rent, along with rates, photos, videos, and the occasional dry humor in the descriptions, or just give us a call for more information.

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