Havasu Falls opens back up!

Published : 2018-09-01 11:39:46
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Havasu Falls opens back up!
Havasupai is back in action after several weeks of shutdown due to flood damage. We outfit hundreds of backpackers and campers every year looking to scratch this trip off their bucket list. We'll be glad to help you as well - beginner or expert!

We can accommodate customers from around the world making this trip, whether flying in to Phoenix or Las Vegas as examples.  If into PHX, you can simply stop by our store just a few minutes from the airport, and drop back off here after your trip, or ship it back from another city with our provided return label.  If into Vegas, we can ship to your first night's hotel for pickup if staying in town first, or we can ship to a nearby UPS Center for easy pickup near the LAS airport.  See more about pickup, delivery and return options.

Browse all of our rental gear or learn more about the re-opening in our local newspaper.

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