Disassembly of a Riot Kayak Impulse Drive

Published : 2019-11-25 19:29:54
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Disassembly of a Riot Kayak Impulse Drive
One of the kayak lines we carry at our store is Riot Kayaks - in particular their Mako models in the 10' and 12' versions.  Both use the same traditional bicycle-motion pedal drive - the "Impulse Drive " - known for its lower-than-normal cost which helps keep the overall price of their models well below the comparable competition.  

A key to the lower cost point is the use of a simple, but very effective plastic gear train inside the drive.  We deconstruct  one of the drives and take a peek inside.  Check out the video below!

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2021-06-24 10:32:09

The top bearings on older drives are hard to come by - we don't have any on hand, and at first effort unable to find a third -party source for them

Andreas Kramer

2021-06-24 06:41:55

Hey! Do you have the precise type description of the bearings of the big gear? Mine are broken. Thanks.

Andrew Cain

2021-06-03 09:28:22

I’m looking for the mounting tubes as well. The exact ones previously mentioned. The two rear ones on my impulse drive snapped off. Any assistance is appreciated.


2021-03-05 17:00:28

Are you referring to the 2 tubes that run thru the drive and are used to secure to the hull - roughly 5" long and 1" in diameter? Or the pieces on the hull that hold the drive in place? Call us 480-348-8917 to discuss if easier

Chris Stidham

2021-03-05 10:34:22

I'm looking for just the mounting pegs for this. I can't find them by themselves anywhere.


2021-02-23 11:00:55

We have some in stock. $24.99. can call in 480-348-8917

Joe walsh

2021-02-23 10:38:38

I need to buy a spare propeller for the impulse drive. How can I get one? Thanks Joe Walsh joepthree@gmail.com


2020-05-28 11:00:51

Will need additional information to be of assistance - call us at 480-348-8917. Thanks!

Justin Earle

2020-05-28 06:42:00

Where can I get a lock pin.

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