Car Camping or Backpacking?

Published : 2018-09-07 12:34:53
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We mention "car camping" or "backpacking" this and that quite a bit on this site as different options within a rental gear line, but we get quite a few calls for clarifications on those differences from prospective camping gear renters.  Here's how we explain the difference:

Car camping simply means that you load up all of your rental gear for the trip in your car, pull into your campsite, and set up your shelter nearby. When car-camping, there's no hiking or carrying gear for long distances involved in getting to your site, so the weight of your gear, or how much you pack, is of little concern as long as it all fits in your vehicle. There's no need to skimp on any of the luxuries that will make your weekend comfy and unforgettable. Backpacking entails carrying the same items of gear - shelter, clothing, food, water, etc - away from your car at the trailhead to make it to your camp site.  That might be going one mile for one night, or hundreds of miles over weeks at a time, but the same worries about gear weight and size apply.

So as far as ordering gear from us, consider weight and size foremost.  For car-camping, get the most comfortable gear, and often the car-camping items are less expensive as well, as they don't have to be constructed of the higher cost lightweight materials.  If you're backpacking, consider a little less comfort to save on weight and volume, as every pound counts on a long trip on your feet.  See this video for some size rental gear comparisons:

In addition, we have lots of informative pages on our site for a free education to make your early trips in the backcountry safer and more enjoyable:

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