Used Titanium Kettle includes shipping


For a lightweight option for boiling water or for simple meals, this .85 liter kettle is just the thing.  We've been renting them for years, and they're always a popular option for backpackers.  

Titanium is pricey, but it never really wears out.  We're selling these at a discount from new (currently $60) as functional as they were brand new - but without a lid that was lost by a renter somewhere along the way.  Lid is optional anyway, or you can make you own if you want to save a few seconds on boiling water.  In addition, expect some discoloring on the metal surface from prior heating (see accompanying photos) like any pot or pan, and there may be a dent or two in the body.  A great bargain for $29!  For more on the kettle, with more photos and a video, see our kettle rental page.  We guarantee any kettle we send you is as described, or we'll send you a replacement or give you store credit for any other rental, used or new gear.

See more used gear items we sell, or just give us a call - there's always a lot more available at our store than online, and we're open to taking in your no-longer-needed camp cookware via purchase, trade or consignment.

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