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We've rented the SPOT GPS satellite communicator pretty much since they first came out many years ago.  The ones we are selling here are Generation 2 models that came out of our rental inventory and at the time we ended the subscription service on them from SPOT, the devices were working fine - they are ready to be reactivated under a new subscription plan in your name.  For rates and service conditions, go to SPOT's web site at

Current models are Generation 3; these provide the same level of security and peace of mind, but have a couple of differences: these use 3 lithium batteries and the new ones use 4; the automated tracking (bread crumb trail) on these is set at 10 minutes instead of a variable setting on Gen 3.  If those features aren't that big a deal, then these are a great value at a fraction of the cost of buying a new one.  To learn more about the SPOT technology and what it can do for you, checkout our SPOT rental information page.

These devices are used, so while the messaging and location functionality remains as good as new, there will be blemishes and worn spots on the body of the unit.  See the accompanying photo for a representative sample appearance.  We guarantee the unit will work as intended after your activation; if you have any issues with it within 30 days of your service activation, we will send you another unit (we have plenty of them).

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