Used Backpacking Tents


Over the years we've had a number of brands in our backpacking tent rental fleet; most recently models from Big Sky International.  The used ones we have for sale now are 1-person models such as the Soul 1.  We have 2-person and 2+ models (basically, room for 2 plus gear or 3 smaller campers), also from Big Sky.  Our used backpacking tent inventory also includes other brands and models that we have taken in on trade or consignment, and that mix can change weekly.  

We retire our rental tents and sell as used while they are still fully functional, but maybe showing some aesthetic issues that we don't want to send out as rentals any more.  These tents still have years of life left in them, and include stuff sack, complete pole sets, and stakes.  All buckles and zippers are working.  As far as usage condition, they may show one or more (but not likely all) points of wear such as:

Sewn mesh repairs
Holes repaired with strong clear tape in fly or body
Fading of colors
Some pin holes of such minor issue they were not repaired  (add clear tape if wanted, or use a Tyvek ground sheet that we include with the sale)

See photos for examples of wear conditions with the tents.

Our used sales price is typically 40 - 50% off the item's original MSRP, or just rent a tent instead!

If you plan on using a tent regularly, then buying used is a great option.  Here are our online rates for used backpacking tents compared to the current MSRP (In-store rates may vary as we adjust for specific gear condition):

                             1-man Big Sky Soul (retailed $189)                                                           $119
                             2-man Big Sky Soul (retailed $249)                                                           $n/a
                             2.5-man Big Sky Eclipse (retailed $349)                                                    $199

Other brands we see from time to time are MSR, Big Agnes, Sierra Designs, Kelty and others.  Used backpacking tents are a popular seller, so if you have one at home you're not using anymore, we might be interested in it for purchase, trade or consignment.

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Learn about our used camping gear options

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