These are exclusive rental packages we've developed for our friend Irene Kranenburg at Rent Your Tent USA.  She specializes in helping European visitors plan their camping trips in the USA, and we provide the camping gear for those trips. 

These packages include shelter, sleeping gear, and cooking gear for a comfortable start to your trip.  Add food, water and few other supplies and you are ready to go!  We have set up packages for 2 and more campers and the product descriptions found at the links below detail exactly what all is in each set.  We ship to you at your first night's hotel if applicable, or to a UPS location along your route.  There is a return label in each box to use when you're done; just rebox the gear and drop off at any manned UPS location.

If you are more comfortable speaking with someone in Dutch or German, you can contact Irene back at her web site  Or feel free to call or email us with any questions!

Here are the packages available for your quick and easy reservation:

Rent Your Tent USA rental package for 2

Rent Your Tent USA rental package for 3

Rent Your Tent USA rental package for 4 or more

The prices shown include shipping within and back from the US Southwest.  We can ship anywhere in the US, but there may be some added shipping costs in other US regions.  We will contact you for approval if that is the case.