Rent a Cartop Cargo Carrier


Base Rental Rates

  • 3 Days $24.00
  • 7 Days $29.00
  • 14 Days $35.00
  • 21 Days $39.00
  • 1 Month $45.00

Shipping Rates

One problem with traveling to get to your outdoors adventure is space in your vehicle. A typical 4-door sedan might be fine for around town, but add your buddies, your camping gear, and your normal "street" gear = one tight trip. Same goes for a rental car - renting a huge SUV to get around in with your gear and crew can get expensive to rent and to keep in gas.

The answer would be to rent one of our soft-sided, but rugged cartop carriers. The one we rent will add up to 15 cubic feet to your storage room - enough for 3 or four backpacks, several pieces of luggage, or several medium size boxes of stuff that might otherwise be in your lap.

These cartop carriers work on virtually any 4-door car, with or without side or cross bars. If you have either of the bars, just strap the carrier to those. Otherwise, straps are provided that will go inside via the car door to buckle up there near the roof liner. See the photos. No tools or anything are required.

The carrier is made of a tough vinyl that is very very water resistant, but not quite considered waterproof. Short or mild rains won't hurt anything, but a driving gale-force downpour for hours could let rain seep in. So to be on the safe side, put anything potentially damageable by rain inside a garbage bag or other protection before placing in the carrier.

The carrier is 37" wide, 45" long, and 15" tall when fully loaded. It folds down to a small bundle for storing away when not needed. Load up the carrier AFTER it's on top, not before, to avoid potential roof damage. Do not exceed your rooftop's recommended carrying weight. Make sure everything is packed in tight and the cinch straps are secure to minimize wind noise, nothing is flapping around, and to minimize the chance the carrier will shift around and scratch the top.

For obvious reasons - like our lawyer told us to say this - we can't guarantee compatibility with your vehicle or suitability for your contemplated use.

Any questions on how to use or anything else - just give us a call!


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