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Tyvek Material for Ground Cloth or Shelter. Buy by the Linear Foot (9' roll).

Tyvek is not just for houses these days. It's very popular in the outdoor world as well - very light, tough, waterproof - and washable. Use it for a superlight but strong footprint for your tent; a ground cloth under your tarp, or create your own lightweight shelter of any shape or size. Use a leftover piece as a gear mat in front of your tent, or a back-country seat cover or table mat. We sell a lot of it for every imaginable use. Tip - throw it in your washer without detergent to make it more pliable and quieter - won't hurt its effectiveness.

Our Tyvek is on a 9 foot long roll, so one linear foot off of this roll gets you a piece 1' x 9', which is nine square feet (one sq. yard), weighing in at only 1.9 ounces. That said, a 1' wide piece isn't going to be of much use. We sell it for $3 per linear foot - if you want a 3'x9' piece for example, just update the quantity to '3' in your shopping cart - that would be about right as a base to cut down further for a 1-man tent.

Yes, it's cheaper at Home Depot . . . . as long as you need a minimum 150 feet of it.

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