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7 Days $23.00
14 Days $27.00
21 Days $30.00
1 Month $33.00
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Ice Walker Hook-on Cleats for ice and snow hiking

Trekking Poles (Set of 2)

Rent the Crescent Moon Foam Snowshoe

Rent Ice Ax for Slick Treks


Spikes and Crampons for Icy Trails

We have two footwear items that can really help when you're on icy trails that would otherwise have you reduced to a crawl or suffering through a unsafe trek. Use the microspikes on trails where there is periodic ice - say in early Spring on the high Grand Canyon trails. Use the crampons for heavier ice or snow conditions, such as in the Sierras or Denali. These are good items to rent as most hikers simply don't have a frequent need for them.

No special boots are required for either style - just slip the spikes over your shoes and strap down - but stiffer boots are best with the crampons if you have them available. There's also a little more going on with the crampons for fitting, but it's pretty intuitive on how to fit them. The microspikes come in sizes based on your shoe size, but there's some flexibility on either size of the range. Select your preferred size in the drop down box. The crampons are more adjustable, and the same pair will generally fit anyone up to at least size 12 men's.

Don't let winter slow down your stride when you come across some ice. For more info on what is best for you, check out the video below or give us a call! Limited availability, so book early to better ensure availability.

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