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Rent a Backpacking Stove - Canister Fuel Style

Lanterns - for car camping/backpacking


Light - Head-Band Style

Like computers and sneakers, flashlights have come a long way in the last 20 years. Now you can get strong, hands-free lighting in a tiny package that matches the output of those giant tin-can flashlights you had as a kid.

We use this LED headlamp a lot when on the trail - it's light as a feather at under 3 ounces; fits comfortably on just about any-sized head; offers several different intensity and strobe settings; and the batteries last a long time. You can trail-blaze at night with it if need be, or it's comfortable for reading after dark when nestled in your tent. And of course, it's invaluable for the inevitable late-night bladder-relief stroll.

We also carry small battery-lanterns as a supplement - but not replacement - to this headlamp. See here for more information.

The headlamps are popular on the trail, and are reliable and durable for their size and weight. You might have 5 flashlights at home and be tempted to just take one of those on your backpacking trip. But trust us, hands-free is the only way to go.

We ship our lights with working batteries, but we have no way of testing/knowing whether they have hardly been used or are just getting ready to die. So, always carry backups - the head lights use three AAA batteries.

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