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Pitching instructions for Lightning 2 tent
3 Days $35.00
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Tent - 1-person Tent for Backpacking

Tent - 3-person (2.5) Tent for Backpacking


Tent - 2-person Tent for Backpacking

Two-person design backpacking tents allow sharing carry-weight between roomies, and take up less ground space on the trip than two separate single-person tents. For the claustrophobic soloist, a 2-person like this is your answer. They are definitely heavier than a one-person backpacking tent - but by just about a pound or so, and on shorter trips the weight might be worth it to have plenty of room for one. But there really is room for two adults sleeping on standard-size mattress pads, albeit cozy. The model we currently offer for rent is actually wider than most on the market. While great couples tents, these are perfectly fine and big enough for two macho types to share on the trail without danger of losing their masculinity, but you'll be inches away from a snoring partner. For those wanting more elbow room for two, consider our 3-person backpacking tent

We've been a dealer for Sierra Designs for about 13 years and just really like their tents. We have many choices with many brands, and our most common current offering from them is the "Lightning 2". It is easy to pitch, very stable and offers excellent resistance to all kinds of inclement weather. This model is "free-standing" (is supported by pole tension and so does not need stakes to stand up) and that can be important if you're going to be on rocky/slabs/snowy ground where staking is problematic. The peak interior height is enough to sit up and move around, change clothes, etc, yet it packs down small enough for even smaller backpacks. The practical trail weight is a bit under 4 pounds. We also rent out the Soul 2 from BigSky International - a bit shorter in length but also a bit lighter in weight.

With any two-person tent, sharing campers can split up the load - separate the poles from the body, for example - and share the carrying load between camp sites.

This tent is rated as 'Three-Season', but should protect you just fine even in high, cold winds if it is well staked. Heavy snowfalls should be periodically cleared off the fly, although a few inches accumulating on top usually won't cause any problems.

Manufacturer Specs for the Sierra Design tent: (note: weight is as packaged; may be less in field. L/W dimensions are maximums at either side and may not be that long or wide the entire side of the tent. The interior height listed is usually at just one peak point and will slope lower from there.

Sierra Design Lightning 2
Weight: 3lbs 15 oz
Peak interior height: 43"
Floor area:31 sq ft
Length: 86"
Width, at front: 56"

Watch a setup video of a similar Sierra Design model.

This is a weight-saving, hybrid-wall tent, meaning there is some meshed areas but all are covered by an integrated waterproof fly. Ventilation is excellent, even for East Coast rainy users. One neat thing about this tent is its huge single door up front; two people can sit side by side in the door. The gear storage areas are on the side, and fully protected from the elements while accessible on each side through a closable opening in the tent body.

The tents described above are the ones we have the most of in this tent series, and we'll do our best to ship one of these models. However, sometimes we may ship you an equivalent item if we are currently out of stock on this one.

We have lots of advice about the great outdoors including more information on tents and shelters for camping and backpacking such as how to choose the best tent and how to find and make a good camp site. Feel free to call us anytime at 866-994-4537 with any question about your camping and backpacking gear rental needs!

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