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Backpack - Women's

Although all the packs we offer are reasonably unisex in comfort, form and function, there are some anatomical differences between men and women (perhaps you've noticed) that pack makers try to accommodate. There are some slight angle and width differences in the shoulder straps and hip belts, and the torso on women-specific models tend to be a bit shorter. And not surprisingly, the colors are sometimes different. However, at our retail store, women are as likely to find a unisex one as a women's specific, as buy accordingly.

If you do prefer women-specific models, we have them from Osprey and Deuter (Osprey Viva 50L and the Deuter Act Lite 60 SL are examples), similar but a bit smallerthan those in our medium capacity packs. Large enough to carry any weight that most women can comfortably carry, and with enough capacity for a week or more of backpacking in the backcountry, or for a month of hostel travel in Europe. The rental rates are the same.

We'll of course ship this item you requested when available; if we happen to be out, we'll ship the equivalent unisex pack, unless you specify not to in the "comments box" you'll see during checkout.

Learn more about backpacks, including the pros and cons of externals vs internals; info on fitting; how to load up with your gear and how to select the best pack for you. We also have a series of videos about backpacks. Or just give us a call at 480-348-8917 to ask any questions about the best backpack for your needs.

Note - this item has a high volume-to-weight ratio - that is, it may be light, but it eats up a lot of box space. Shipments including this item often require a bigger box and is subject to a rate surcharge by UPS, so the effective shipping weight calculated at checkout is higher than the actual weight. See the actual product weight reference above.

For some third-party user reviews of this and other gear we rent and sell, visit our backpacking and camping user gear review page.

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