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Lighweight Chair for Backpacking

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Camp Chair - Folding (local pickup only, not for shipping)

[Due to excessive shipping costs relative to the value of the chairs, we suggest these as a local rental pickup item only. Stop by a big box store to pick some up cheap ones instead of us shipping to you.]

The chairs we rent aren't quite the Lazy Boy at home, but they sure beat a hard picnic table bench or a rock. Comfortable and sturdy for most folks; convenient arm rests with beverage holders; and all fold down to a small carrying size for easy transport in your car. The rated capacity on most is about 225 pounds, so if you're much north of that, I'd sit down slowly!

Don't scrimp on camp chairs - rent one for everyone on your trip or there will be spats in the family over who gets to plop down in one of these instead of the nearby dirty log. Actual weight is about 9 pounds.

We do have some smaller backpacking style chairs if you'd like those shipped to you as a rental item, but note they are much smaller and not as comfortable, as typical of compact backpacking gear. See "Related Items".

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