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First Aid Kit - AMK Ultra Light .3

Whether you create your own first-aid kit from supplies from home, or take a ready-made one such as this, just be sure to take something to patch yourself up when on the trail. It?s not just a quick drive to the walk-in clinic when you?re 10 miles from the nearest road. A simple cut, blister or burn is much more problematic when out in the woods, so be prepared for at least some basic protection. And rest assured, something will happen ? you?ll get attacked by a thorn bush; bang your shin on a rock; irritate a wasp; or get eaten by a bear. This little pack can help with 3 out of every 4 problems. We like this kit because it covers the basics and only weighs in at 3 ounces. Included are butterfly closure strips, antibiotic ointment, anesthetic /antiseptic towelettes, moleskin, sterile dressing, adhesive tape, other bandages, Ibuprofen, antihistamine, safety pins and a few other miscellaneous items. Hint- add a few Imodium pills, your insurance card, and a note listing any allergies and medications you?re on to this list. Pack any daily prescription medications ? enough for more days than you plan to be out - in a single waterproof container. The best protection against hurt - watch where you step; watch where you put your hands; wash hands frequently; be aware of what's around you. This is a purchase-only item. Keep handy in your car when not out on the trail.

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