Mt Whitney Camping Gear

(New) $3.95


Sleeping Bag - Synthetic Liner/Summer night bag


Hand and Body Warmers

For those of us whose hands and feet are the first to go numb with cold as the temperature drops, this is quite possibly the best invention since the sock. When gloves just aren't enough, just open up one of these packets, shake, and keep in your pockets so that when you stick your hands in there to warm up, they do so in a hurry. The contents are air-activated, and then maintain a cozy temperature for several hours if within a confined space - but not so hot as to burn. Absolutely great to have on cold weather backpacking trips. Another great use is to throw one in your sleeping bag at night to add several degrees of warmth to your bag's temperature rating.

Sold in a pack of 3 pair, or equivalents.

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