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Cookware - Cook-Sets and Stainless Steel Pots

Rent a Backpacking Stove - Canister Fuel Style

Mountain House Freeze Dried Meals


Stove - Propane Base/Family Camp Stove

These are the stoves to use when you are car- or base-camping where weight and bulk are not issues. Coupled with the required fuel canister, these are not practical for backpacking long distances. A better option for backpacking trips would be one or more of the small, lightweight canister stoves.

Our rental is a cheap price to be able to crank out some tasty pancakes at the campground. We love renting gear, and we offer these for convenience, but frankly you might consider buying one instead. We have to charge more than we'd like, especially for the 2-burner, due to the cleaning required and the clunkiness of the stove for shipping.

This stove operates in much the same fashion as your propane-fueled backyard grill - turn the valve; light it with a match, and you're ready to cook. We like these stoves because of their decent-sized burners that will handle larger pots and skillets, and their easy controls.

We offer a one-burner and two-burner option. Each burner on either model cranks out 10,000 BTU, which means you can burn your eggs while camping just as quick as if you fell asleep at your big range at home. If you need to cook up two things at once; want some more stability on a flatter surface; or just not sure, select the two-burner option. Otherwise, for most solo and small family outings, the single burner will do just fine, and it is less expensive.

These stoves are fueled by 16.4 ounce propane cylinders which are available virtually anywhere - WalMart, Target, hardware stores, outdoor outlets, etc. They are typically green canisters about the size of a 2 liter soda bottle, just shorter. Each cylinder will last about one hour on high; up to 4.5 hours on low. The fuel is pretty cheap at around $3 or so, I'd take an extra cylinder in the car with you to make sure you had enough to get through a weekend trip. It is worth noting that you can't take these on an airline so keep that in mind. They will also work with the bulk propane cylinder - that mini-keg-sized one - you probably already have at home, but an adaptor that we don't offer is needed. Suggestion - try it out at home and master the temperature settings there first for a few minutes before using it at camp - that way you can impress your camp guests with your backwoods culinary skills, even if it's your first trip out.

We have several different models in our stove rental inventory, including traditional models from Coleman and TexSport and others. Some have wind flaps and some do not; some have auto-igniters but those are among the first things to go bad so always take matches. Some will fold up and take less space; whenever available those are the ones we'd ship first. The 2-burners when laid out are about 23" wide; 15" deep; and 4" tall. The one-burner is much smaller as it just screws on top of the fuel canister, but is strong enough for a good sized pot or skillet.

For more information, read one of our articles on cooking in the woods, preparation tips and eating right while on the trail. For some third-party user reviews of this and other gear we rent and sell, visit our backpacking and camping user gear review page.

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