Radiate Portable Camp Fire - No Wood Required

Amazing invention for a legal fire in no fire zones, or great anytime for just not having to deal with muss and fuss of a wood fire. See full product details below.


Like all retailers, on occasion we get pitched new product ideas at our store, and most times we're not all that excited about what we're seeing.  But this one from Radiate caught our eye, and turns out it also caught the eye of one of the TV Sharks.  So there's that.

Anyway, the simplest way to explain this product is to call it what it is - a portable camp fire in a can.  There's more to it of course, such as being made of recycled wax materials; no embers to deal with; no smoky smells or burning your eyes; no scrounging for firewood in rattlesnake and scorpion wood piles (maybe that's an Arizona thing), and best of all, it's as easy to light up as a candle.

All you have to do is set a match to a few wick points on top of the wax, and like a candle, it goes from there.  The wicks are something like a egg-carton material.  Once easily lit, it just takes about 5 minutes to get a good flame the diameter of the canister and about 2 foot tall.  Expect 3-5 hours of flame time, but the great thing is you can snuff it out by simply putting the lid back on it, so it can be used for several camp or backyard fires.  You do want to let it cool for some time and solidify before moving, but there are no embers to deal with or hanging around waiting for a fire to be completely dead before leaving an area.

The Radiate portable fire canister weighs about 5 pounds, so it's not a great backpacking item unless just not going very far into the backcountry.  Great for cooking some s'mores on!

 Check out the pictures and video below for more details.  

YouTube Video

Portable camp fire in a can for car camping and backyard evenings

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