Now you can rent Hobie kayaks for the Tempe area exclusively through Lowergear Outdoors. We're a wilderness retailer that also rents kayaks, conveniently located near the intersection of 101 and 202 in Tempe Arizona. Just stop by, grab your Hobie kayak rental and head to your favorite body of water.

Renting a Hobie kayak for use in nearby water like Canyon Lake, Lake Pleasant, Bartlett Lake, Woods Canyon Lake and other favorites is easy - just fill out these kayak rental forms in advance or after arrival at our retail/rental store, spend a few minutes going over the kayaks with one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff, and take off with your rented kayak!

There are kayaks, and then there are the amazing Hobie Kayaks. Engineering, tracking, power, stability, quality, design - all are noticeably better in a Hobie. And no one else has their efficient propulsion system - the Mirage Drive - that allows you to use your legs for moving forward and backwards rather than those weak muscles in your shoulders! But for those traditionalists that prefer paddling, the Mirage Drive rentals do come with a paddle, and, we do rent paddle-only fishing kayak models from other brands, such as the Jackson Big Rig or comparable model. See the listings for each kayak we rent under our kayak rental category page

There are some restrictions on availability, and you'll need a way to transport the kayak(s) and maybe a buddy to help unless you want our optional loading service.

We also have many useful kayaking accessories for rent and sale, and it is lots of fun to combine kayaking with camping. See our full selection of camping gear rental options like tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, stoves and safety gear

If you have any questions on how our kayak rental program for Arizona lakes and rivers works, just give us a call at our Tempe store at 480-348-8917!