We understand our customers have many options for their discretionary spending, and one of our kayaks is one of many "toys" a outdoors-oriented customer may consider.  Many customers spend a lot of time carefully evaluating their options before making a purchase decision, and we fully agree with that approach to feel as comfortable as possible with their eventual decision.

One step that sometimes helps in that process is to take a kayak out on a test drive similarly to what you might do when considering a new car.  For those customers we offer "demo" rides, either on an appointment basis or at the occasional "demo day" that we put on.  Typically we do this at nearby Tempe Town Lake or on occasion at Kiwanis Lake.  We also can do a demo in conjunction with our fishing tournaments in the nearby larger lakes along the Salt River, and hundreds join us every year at Paddlefest at Lake Pleasant and at Lake Havasu.  Most of our demo outings are absolutely free.

The best first step to a demo is to stop by our store and check out the various models to see which one is the best fit for your size and intended use.  If we don't have that exact model as a demo, we'll have something close enough so you can get a feel for the propulsion system, seat comfort and balance.

For most customers, just a few minutes are needed for the test drive,  If you want an all-day experience, there are a few models we rent by the day, and if you choose to buy one shortly thereafter, we'll credit you back for the rental cost.  Questions or want to set an appointment - just give us a call! In the meantime to learn more, check out Paddling Arizona, a book that will get you excited to get out on the water!

Kayak demo day in Tempe