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The information below provides more details on how to use the ice cleats, but we encourage you to give us a call or find more resources online if more details are needed. For more information on this rental item including rates, check out the main product page at Rent Ice Walker Hook-on Cleats for ice and snow hiking. There are more how-to pages on nearly all of our most popular rental items; find most at our video and user guide to rentals main page .

The ice cleats we rent are the lowest-cost options for increasing safety while king on slick ice.  We have 2 styles - one is on a buckle style strap like shown here, and some strap on with an elastic band.

rent ice cleats for ice trekking

Place around the forefront of your shoe as shown here.  Make sure they are snug so they don't slip off.  The 4 pointed edges dig into ice and are very effective at keeping you from slipping.  If there is just one pair of these but 2 people need them, split the pair up between the 2 so each hiker has a cleat on one foot - even that is a big improvement over nothing at all.  You will want to remove the cleats as soon as you get to an ice-free area.

ice cleat rentals       renting ice cleats for winter hiking

Here is an overview video about the rental ice cleats