Bonnaroo is an annual multi-day music festival held in Tennessee. There are a variety of camping options at the festival, but you can always save money by bringing camping gear with you rather than paying the festival organizers. We will ship gear to you and we provide a prepaid return label in the box; just save the box in your car, rebox and swap the labels, and drop off for return dhipping after the festival.

We have rented mattress pads, lighting, hydration kits, tents, and sleeping bags to thousands of attendees at festivals like Bonnaroo over the years. We can ship gear to your home before you leave, or to any nearby city for pickup at a first night's hotel, if applicable, or at any of our carrier's pickup point along your route on the way to Bonnaroo. T

One consideration to renting gear from us is we do expect it back! What we send you is all higher quality gear so you don't want to leave it there for the landfill and have to buy it from us. We understand that sometimes camping gear at festivals never makes it back home, and if that's a possibility for you, then consider instead buying some of our used gear upfront; it's complete and will keep you protected from the elements, but maybe isn't as pretty as it once was - a perfect, inexpensive candidate for disposal after Bonnaroo if you are concerned that might happen.

The Bonnaroo dates coming up - see their web site for the latest dates - will fall in our busy time for rentals, so you'll want to reserve your gear as soon as you're confirmed to go. There's no downside to ordering early as we don't charge anything until readying your gear for shipment or pickup at our store. At a minimum, you'll want to order your gear at least 5 business days ahead of time to allow for transit time. To get started, browse for whatever gear you may want at the "Rent Online" tab above, or give us a call at 480-348-8917. In addition to Bonnaroo, we also rent camping gear for other festivals throughout the country. Some of the more popular ones we serve include:

Burning Man
Gem and Jam
Lightning in a Bottle
Electric Forest
Country Thunder