Two too-sweet used fishing kayaks for sale!

Published : 2019-10-12 12:50:25
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Two too-sweet used fishing kayaks for sale!
While we always have new fishing kayaks on hand, we don't all that often get in a good used one.   By happenstance we got in two this past week - both great values and ready to move.  See all the pix below.

First is a 2017 Hobie Pro Angler 14 in a high visibility Papaya color.  This model currently retails for nearly $3900, but this used one is available at $2699 with all the included accessories of a new one - paddles, plano boxes, etc - and has the reversible, 180 drive.  Currently installed on it and available as options are the H-Bar stand-up bar (retails $290; available for $175) and a Boonedox landing gear for easy ground transport (retails $250 and available for $175).  Well maintained with nominal scratches or signs of wear.

We also have on hand a 2014 Jackson Big Rig in a brownish/gray camo.  This model currently retails for $1599, but this used one - in near-mint condition - is available at $899.  Currently installed on it and available as an option is the Jackson standup bar (retails $160; available for $90).  A new-in-box option is Jackson's foot-controlled rudder system (retails $219 and available for $149).  This boat is a great option for big fellas that want maximum stability without the expense of a foot-pedal drive model.  

Give us a call at 480-348-8917 with any questions or stop by anytime to check them out!

hobie used pro angler for sale    hobie kayak with landing gear    hobie kayak cockpit

pro angler front hatch    hull of pro angler 14    pro angler h-rail

jackson - used kayak    used kayak' s seat    used kayak front hatch

used jackson kayak    jackson kayak cockpit    used kayaks for sale

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