So, you’ve got the family out and about and your kid is hooked on wilderness adventures. Great! That’s the type of thing we like to see around here! Now it’s time to start outfitting her, or him, with the proper gear. While you can’t go too wrong when renting a sleeping bag for a youth, read on and learn how to make the best selection.

Sleeping bags work their magic by retaining your body heat within the bag.  So generally, the less amount of air space around you, the warmer you’ll be.  Extra room in a sleeping bag (also known as “dead space”) is a great way to get cold, and you’ll be much happier if you don’t have to get up at 3am to tend to your shivering child.  But if too little space, the bag will feel confining and may actually lessen the insulation benefit.  A very young child in an adult bag has a lot of dead space to fill with heat, while an older teenager in a too-short bag won’t be able to cover his head with the hood. 

Check the specs in our product descriptions for the length of the youth sleeping bags we rent.   If you’re not sure, give us a call for more information, or rent the adult sleeping bag at the most appropriate temperature rating.  Then if needed, you can always just tie off the bottom of the bag to reduce the dead space inside.  Learn more about getting a good night’s rest in the wilderness and see all of our sleeping rental gear, including mattress pads.

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