When you rent gear from us, we enclose related manuals or helpful tips in the package. If any documentation is missing, or if you want to know more about a particular piece of gear, you can usually find it included within its detailed description on our product-rental pages.  There are links to user guides and how-to videos on most of our gear listings.  We've also compiled most of our manuals - or links to the manufacturer's web site or our relevant advice pages if that might be helpful -  that you can browse through.  Review and/or print out any information as you like, or give us a call with any questions.  Just be sure to figure everything out before you leave on your trip!

• Backpacks

We carry backpacks from Gregory, Kelty, Granite Gear, Mountainsmith and others. Here is additional information on some of these packs:
Gregory Forester/Triconi (medium capacity)  
Gregory Shasta/Denali (High capacity and expedition sizes)
Kelty Satori (high capacity)
Granite Gear Vapor Trail (Ultralight)

Learn more about backpacks, including the pros and cons of externals vs internals; info on fitting; how to load up with your gear and how to select the best pack for you.  We also have a video about our backpacks

• Food Preparation & Water Treatment

See user guides and more info on our water filters and bladders:
Water Container - MSR Hydromedary 3-Liter Water Bladder
Katadyn Hiker Pump Water Filter
MSR Sweetwater Water Filter

For user guides and more information on our cooking gear and related items:
Garcia Bear Resistant Food Container
MSR DuraLite Mini Cookware Cookset
MSR Pocket Rocket Canister Stove
Coleman Two-Burner Base/Family Camp Stove






For tips on usage of water treatment options and related technical information, see our general discussion of water treatment in our Advice Pages.  Also see our Advice Pages for more information on cooking in the woods, preparation tips and eating right while on the trail.  See videos on our cooking gear, hydration equipment and other rental items.

• GPS Navigation Units

SPOT Personal Rescue and Communication Device:
User Guide

We have a great portable astronomy gadget called the SkyScout that uses GPS positioning
Celestron SkyScout - GPS portable star finder





We carry handheld GPS Navigation Units from Garmin. Here are links to the user manuals on each model:
Garmin eTrex
Garmin 60cx

For more about using a GPS, including information on geocaching if you are planning an event, or for the basics, see our Advice Pages, such as a great article on how the GPS system works.    See videos on our GPS units and other rental items.

• Miscellaneous Gear

Trekking Poles:
See one of our Advice Pages for an article on using poles, including proper techniques and care, as well as a how-to video demonstrating their use.

Counter Assault Bear Spray:
See the User Guide, as well as an article on bear safety in our Advice Pages.

• Sleeping Gear 

There are generally not a lot of operating issues associated with sleeping gear, but for more information and specs, here are links to the manufacturers' web sites for our most popular sleeping gear items.

Kelty Sleeping Bags
Thermarest Mattress Pads

Also see our Advice Pages to learn more about getting a good night's rest while camping, and see videos on our sleeping gear and other rental items.


• Tents

We carry tents from MSR, Kelty, Alps Mountaineering, Marmot and Sierra Designs. Click below for owner's manuals and other information by specific product:

MSR Microzoid - 1 Person
MSR Hubba 1 Person
Sierra Designs Lightyear CD - 1 Person
MSR Zoid - 2 Person
Kelty Traildome - 2 & 4 Person
Marmot Aeros 3P - 3 Person
Alps Mountaineering Family Car Camping Tents

Also, see our Advice Pages for more information on tents and shelters for camping and backpacking such as how to choose the best tent and how to find and make a good camp site.  See videos on our tents and other rental items.



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