Winter and cold weather doesn't mean you have to quit backpacking, camping, or hiking until it warms back up. Preparation and the right tools and clothing can keep you on the trail all year long. If you want to maintain outdoor activities in even the coldest months in Maryland, LowerGear Outdoors can help!

Here are a few of the cold weather items we rent:

Four-season tents: Additional poles and more durable materials help protect you in heavy snow and winds
Cold weather sleeping bags: For temperature protection as low as 20 below zero!
Snowshoes: Cover the miles in deep snow with ease
Crampons, spikes and ice axes: For safely traversing even the iciest of trails

We can ship right to your home or destination in Maryland, or wherever your travels may take you. If near us in Tempe AZ, you can pick up your selection of winter gear right from our retail store before heading out on your next winter adventure!

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