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Come shop at our store in Tempe for a full selection of camping, backpacking, and kayaking gear, accessories and supplies.  And we have many thousands (that's not a typo) of maps on hand as well.  Browse below by category for some of the items we can ship right to you, or have it held at our store for pickup.  Not ready to buy?  Check out all of our rental options - click on the "Rent" tab above.

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  • Camping Gear and Supplies

    While we're known for our long-time prowess in camping gear rentals for a world-wide customer base, we maintain a robust inventory of backpacks, footwear, maps, and other gear for backpacking and hiking at our retail store in Tempe.  Stop in to see us on University and 101, or browse below for gear you can order for pickup at the store or we'll ship right to you.  We also maintain a good selection of used camping gear.

  • Closeout Bargains

    We like to think we're geniuses around here, but on occasion even we make a mistake by getting surprised when mittens don't sell too well in Phoenix, or we decide to move on from one brand or model to make room for something else.  We shift these items over to our closeout shelves at the store or browse around below to see if something is of interest.  Come back often - it changes frequently, and when it's gone, it's gone!  We also have a lot of used camping gear at significant savings.

  • Hiking and Backpacking Maps and Books
    We're specialists in technical gear, for both rentals nationwide and at retail at our outfitter store in Arizona.  Along with that, we're fans of our customers not getting lost - and help out by stocking a wide range of trail maps and guide books for sale at our store and here online.

    Below find National Geographic Trails Illustrated maps for the southwest US; Green Trails maps for the Phoenix-specific area trails; international maps to go along with your GPS rental for Europe, and a variety of guide books for hiking trails and wilderness education.
  • Backpacks for Sale
    While we now carry a wide range of outdoor gear at our retail store and online, we got started with mostly just backpacks.  While we prefer selling a pack in person at our store so we can best ensure a great fit, most aren't close enough for that so we can of course sell them online as well.  We'd still suggest giving us a call before placing an order to make sure we have what you looking for, and to walk you through some real-world uses of a given pack before you hit the trail.
  • Used Gear

    We cycle out a lot of our large inventory of rental gear at the end of each season, and take in gear via trades and consignments to make it all available as used gear at a great value to our customers.  Come in to see the ever-changing stock at our retail store in Tempe, or browse the categories below for some general information on our used gear options and then call us for what's on hand at the moment.  The great thing about quality outdoor gear is its longevity; enjoy years of life left on used gear bought at great prices.  You can pick up a piece at a very low price and still enjoy many years of functional use.  It might have a stitch here or a taped tear there, but it still does its intended job.  

    If you have some good quality gear you no longer need and want some cash, or want to upgrade to something better, learn how our consignment and trade process works.  We're always looking to add to our used gear on hand!

    Used camping gear in Tempe AZ